Selected scientific publications about our research

Journal articles

X-Polli:Nation: Contributing towards sustainable development goals through school-based pollinator citizen science (2023)
Lakeman Fraser, Poppy; Colluci-Gray, Laura; Robinson, Annie; Sforzi, Andrea; Staples-Rolf, Ruth; Newman, Julie; Gill, Richard; Sharma, Nirwan; Rüger, Stefan and Siddharthan, Advaith
Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, In Print. DOI: cstp.567

Consensus building in on-line citizen science (2022)
Sharma, Nirwan; Colucci-Gray, Laura; van der Wal, René and Siddharthan, Advaith
Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, Volume 6, Issue CSCW2, Article No. 434, pp 1–26.

Citizen science data reveals the need for keeping garden plant recommendations up-to-date to help pollinators (2020)
Anderson, Helen B.; Robinson, Annie; Siddharthan, Advaith; Sharma, Nirwan; Bostock, Helen; Salisbury, Andrew; Roberts, Stuart and van der Wal, René
Scientific Reports, 10, Article 20483(1), Nature.

Blogging Birds: Telling informative stories about the lives of birds from telemetric data (2019)
Siddharthan, Advaith; Ponnamperuma, Kapila; Mellish, Chris; Zeng, Chen; Heptinstall, Danny; Robinson, Annie; Benn, Stuart and van der Wal, René
Communications of the ACM, 62(3) (pp. 68-77)

Designing online species identification tools for biological recording: the impact on data quality and citizen science learning (2019)
Sharma, Nirwan; Colucci-Gray, Laura; Siddharthan, Advaith; Comont, Richard and Van der Wal, René
PeerJ, 6, Article e5965

From citizen science to citizen action: analysing the potential for a digital platform to cultivate attachments to nature (2019)
Sharma, Nirwan; Sam, Greaves; Colucci-Gray, Laura; Siddharthan, Advaith and van der Wal, René
Journal of Science Communication, 18(1) (pp. 1-35)

Ten Principles of Citizen Science (2018)
Robinson, Lucy,.D.; Cawthray-Syms, Jade, L; West, Sarah, E; Bonn, Aletta and Ansine, Janice
In: Hecker, Susanne; Haklay, Muki; Bowser, Anne; Mukuch, Zen; Vogel, Johannes and Bonn, Aletta eds. Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy. UCL Press, pp. 27–40.

Crowdsourcing Without a Crowd: Reliable Online Species Identification Using Bayesian Models to Minimize Crowd Size (2016)
Siddharthan, Advaith; Lambin, Christopher; Robinson, Anne-Marie; Sharma, Nirwan; Comont, Richard; O’Mahony, Elaine; Mellish, Chris and Van Der Wal, René
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 7, Article 45(4)

The role of automated feedback in training and retaining biological recorders for citizen science (2016)
van der Wal, René; Sharma, Nirwan; Mellish, Chris; Robinson, Annie and Siddharthan, Advaith
Conservation Biology, 30(3) (pp. 550-561)

Differences between urban and rural hedges in England revealed by a citizen science project (2016)
Gosling, Laura; Sparks, Tim H.; Araya, Yoseph; Harvey, Martin and Ansine, Janice
BMC Ecology, 16, Article 15(1) (pp. 45-55)

Crowdsourcing the identification of organisms: a case-study of iSpot (2015)
Silvertown, Jonathan; Harvey, Martin; Greenwood, Richard; Dodd, Michael; Rosewell, Jonathan; Rebelo, Tony; Ansine, Janice and McConway, Kevin
ZooKeys, 480 (pp. 125-146)

Mapping species distributions: A comparison of skilled naturalist and lay citizen science recording (2015)
van der Wal, René; Anderson, Helen; Robinson, Annie; Sharma, Nirwan; Mellish, Chris; Roberts, Stuart; Darvill, Ben and Siddharthan, Advaith
Ambio, 44(Suppl 4) (pp. 584-600)

Automated data analysis to rapidly derive and communicate ecological insights from satellite-tag data: A case study of reintroduced red kites (2015)
van der Wal, René; Zeng, Cheng; Heptinstall, Danny; Ponnamperuma, Kapila; Mellish, Chris; Ben, Stuart and Siddharthan, Advaith
Ambio, 44(Suppl 4) (pp. 612-623)

Evolution MegaLab: a case study in citizen science methods (2012)
Worthington, Jenny; Silvertown, Jonathan; Cook, Laurence; Cameron, Robert; Dodd, Mike; Greenwood, Richard; McConway, Kevin and Skelton, Peter
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3(2) (pp. 303-309)

Citizen science reveals unexpected continental-scale evolutionary change in a model organism (2011)
Silvertown, Jonathan; Cook, Laurence; Cameron, Robert; Dodd, Michael; McConway, Kevin; Worthington, Jennifer; Skelton, Peter; Anton, Christian; Bossdorf, Oliver; Baur, Bruno; Schilthuizen, Menno; Fontaine, Benoît; Sattmann, Helmut; Bertorelle, Giorgio; Correira, Maria; Oliveira, Cristina; Pokryszko, Beata; Ozgo, Malgorzata; Stalažs, Arturs; Gill, Eoin; Rammul, Üllar; Sólymos, Péter; Féher, Soltan and Juan, Xavier
PLoS ONE, 6, Article e18927(4)

Conference items

iSpot: a citizen science platform for inclusive learning and teaching (2018)
Ansine, Janice; Araya, Yoseph; Dodd, Michael and Robinson, David
In : European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Conference 2018 (3-5 Jun 2018, Geneva, Switzerland)

Bumblebee friendly planting recommendations with citizen science data (2017)
Wibowo, Agung Toto; Siddharthan, Advaith; Anderson, Helen; Robinson, Annie; Sharma, Nirwan; Bostock, Helen; Salisbury, Andrew; Comont, Richard and van der Wal, René
In : Proceedings of the International Workshop on Recommender Systems for Citizens (31 Aug 2017, Como, Italy)

Using a citizen science tool to model the health benefits of roadside trees (2017)
Goodenough, Jessica; Ansine, Janice and Wheeler, Philip
In : Trees, People and the Built Environment 3 (TPBE3) Conference (5-6 Apr 2017, University of Birmingham)